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The Solemn Beauty Of A Veteran's Funeral

Veterans willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms deserve our respect and honor, and we should take the time to show them our gratitude any time we can, including at the end of their lives.

Many elements come into play for a veteran's funeral

  • Honor guard: One of the highest honors an honor guard unit has is to escort a fallen hero to his or her final resting place.
  • Flag-draped casket: The United States flag drapes the casket during a veteran's memorial service, in a moving tribute to a life of service.
  • Presentation of the flag to the family: In one of the most solemn and meaningful moments of the service, the honor guard carefully folds the flag, treating it with the utmost respect before handing it to the veteran's closest family member.
  • Volley: The honor guard fires the volley and plays Taps to bring the service to a close.

At Memorial Plan Funeral Homes & Cemeteries, we go above and beyond to honor veterans in other meaningful ways:

  • Veteran's burial package: The professional services of our director and staff are included with this package, along with local transfer of the body to the funeral home, preparations and other care, use of our facility for the ceremony and visitations, use of the funeral coach, floral transport and a committal program. Also included are a floral allowance and three Signature Services.
  • Veteran Tribute Memorial Package: This includes a memorial book made with the same uniform and logo of the veteran's branch of service, thank-you cards, a special pen and a wooden flag case.
  • Wooden flag case: The flag is a beautiful symbol of America, and our lovely flag case provides an equally attractive way to display it.
  • American Hero discounts: The American Hero Gold, Silver and Platinum plans offer discounts to veterans on burial spaces, caskets and many other funeral services.

If you or a loved one served the United States as a veteran, Memorial Plan Funeral Homes & Cemeteries wants to help provide a life-honoring service that truly reflects the life lived. We've been serving families in our community, and we want to help your family while expressing our appreciation for your service.